Traveling with IVF meds: Not your typical TSA search

I had a business trip planned for the first week of August, and it just so happened to fall on the week I was starting my IVF cycle. My period had already come and gone and it was time to start my IVF meds. I decided to be brave and take my Gonal F pen injections along with me on my travels. I was clear across the country, alone, and deathly scared of needles. Sure, why not?

On the morning of my flight, I packed my Gonal F pens (which must remain refrigerated) in a box with Nordic Ice packs and packed them in a thermos in my carry-on bag.

Just a few hours before my flight, I had my first ultrasound. My RE informed me that only four of my seven detected follicles were large enough. This low number was worrisome, because I had read that women my age (33) are often in the double digits, even up to 20 or more follicles per cycle. There was a distinct possibility that we would need to rethink our strategy if the next ultrasound didn’t show a much higher number.

I wasn’t going to let this get me down so I picked myself up and went on my way.

Leading up to my trip, for six days I had injected Gonal F alone. On the morning of my flight, after my ultrasound, I was told to add Menopur and Ganirelix Acetate to my daily regimen. Unfortunately, my nurse did not share this info ahead of time so I did not pack the rest of my meds with my luggage! I had to rush directly from the doctor’s office to the airport to make my flight, so my husband overnighted the Menopur and Ganirelix to my hotel so that I would not miss a dose. This situation was a bit stressful, but I was mindful that I needed to stay as calm and collected as possible before and during my IVF cycle. It really took a lot of strength to trust that everything was going to be OK.

Once I received my meds (which the hotel was kind enough to receive from FedEx and refrigerate for me while I was working) I started mixing the injections and taking them as prescribed by my doctor without any hesitation. These needles were larger than the Gonal F pens but for some reason I had this overwhelming peace in my heart and mind that everything was going to be OK, and I would soon be on my way to a nine-month pregnancy journey!

Three days later I flew back home and had my second ultrasound where I learned that my follicles looked right on track! The ultrasound indicated that I had eight follicles! We did not need to alter our plan or wait another month for more follies to show up!

All in all, traveling with IVF meds was not as bad as I thought. Yes, I had to explain to the TSA why I had blocks of ice in my carry on, but they were super sweet and understanding when I told them what all of it was for. They wished me lots of luck, many blessings, and said they hope to see me pregnant the next time I walked through those security gates!

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